PPC for Your Business and How You Will Benefit from Continued Business Growth

PPC advertising has skyrocketed exponentially in the feverish and manic pace of today’s digital marketing landscape. Obviously, organic marketing is the best, especially when combined with word of mouth, but is no longer enough for today. Many business today still are not using PPC as a tactic. However, those businesses are already considering the move to PPC. 

Is PPC Right for Your Business?

So the first question you are obviously going to ask: Is this strategy correct for my business? According to AJ Agrawal, this question depends on four main factors: Is your business’ visibility optimized or could it use a boost? What is your business’ target market? Do you understand your audience well enough? Your business’ budget. PPC is generally low cost, but industry cost per click can get quite high for some industries. Recognition of PPC as a tactic to be used with other tactics forming an overall marketing strategy. 

What is PPC and how does it work?

The acronym PPC is short for pay-per-click advertising. Each time someone targeted with a specific ad clicks the ad, a set fee is charged back to the advertiser. This is useful for targeting specific consumers with specific product ads. Those buyers will look for a product through a search engine, website or forum and see your ads. The intention is to get the viewer to click a relevant product based ad, of course. Furthermore PPC also has heavy usability in geographic based campaigns, aka: geotargeting. 

7 Powerful Benefits to PPC 

PPC has a wealth of benefits in regard to advertising. Corey Morris a Search Engine Journal VIP contributor notes that, for a start, PPC has 4 immediate perks:
  1. It offers quick entry.
  2. The results that are easy to measure and track.
  3. It works well with other marketing channels.
  4. And finally, it provides a wealth of useful data.
Corey goes on to state 7 powerful benefits to using PPC advertising:
  1. It contributes to your business goals.
  2. It is, again, measurable and trackable.
  3. Yet again, it is quick entry.
  4. You are in control.
  5. Again, it also works well with other marketing channels.
  6. It has incredible targeting options.
  7. Finally, as mentioned earlier, it provides a wealth of marketing data.

Are You Convinced Yet? PPC Is Easy!

PPC is one of the cheapest, easy to measure, quick, adaptable and standardized of marketing tactics. You can opt to set up your own campaign by following 5 simple steps: Establish your budget and stay within it. Set your campaign goals. Split test ads and platforms. Emphasize relevance.

Don’t ignore tracking!

Setting up your campaign is straightforward enough and has a lot of benefits. It is difficult, as all rewarding things are but well worth it in the end. Like most things in life however, the hard work is worth the rewards. Considering all the potential gain to be had, there’s little reason not to add it into your strategic marketing mix, save for one, perhaps.

But I’m Not a Marketer! I Don’t Have the Time, Tools or Experience!

Remember when one reason was mentioned about setting up that campaign? Maybe you can’t convince your boss of the profitability, even after running examples. Perhaps you simply lack the experience, tools or personnel necessary to handle every aspect of your business marketing campaigns. Well, that’s where Superlative Creative really shines. After all, if the only thing stopping you from growing your profits exponentially is the lack of ability on your end, outsource! We’re the premier boutique digital marketing agency in Miami and we excel in PPC, SEO, SEM and digital marketing strategy.

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