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Social media strategist: How to find the best one

How to find the best Social media strategist is one of the most important questions you should have in mind when doing so. A social media strategist plays a very important role in many businesses and companies today. They have many responsibilities, including creating and managing online campaigns for businesses. They are in charge of the company’s social network activities including commenting, posting, and replying to customers. And most importantly they are in charge of the proper implementation of your social media strategy. If you don’t have one yet, book a call with one of our experts!


Social media strategists are very important, especially for businesses with an online presence. They come in handy in generating new leads, building loyalty, and retaining customers. The core task of a social media strategist includes advertising on social media, creating original, quality content, SEO, and responding to inquiries (effective communication with audiences).


The jobs of some social media strategists also include the creation of long-term strategies that will suit the current needs and goals of the business. They might also work with other strategists, collaborate with the marketing team, and study user analytics data. Other online campaigns such as email marketing are also the responsibility of some social media strategists.


As you can see, social media strategists (SMS) play a crucial role in many businesses, and any business or company that has an online presence needs the support of an SMS. Nevertheless, there are many social media strategists on the internet today, and this makes it somewhat difficult to find one. Some of them are just starting their career in the industry, with very little to no experience. For you to create and execute a relevant, effective social media strategy, you need the best social media strategist with the knowledge, experience, and latest trends to join your team. So, how do I search for the best social media strategist? Read on to find out.


How do I find a social media strategist?


Now that you know the importance of a social media strategist and why you need one in your team, how do you find the right one for your company? Here are some tips to help you find the right social media strategist:


They should understand your brand


When looking for the right social media strategist, one of the first things you need to figure out is if the person understands your brand. If your social media presence does not correlate with the voice of your brand, your customers will be confused. Talk to us today if you want your branding done right.


Even though the person you want to hire has innovative, creative ideas for your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you still need to make sure that the person understands your business very well. The person will not be a good fit if they do not make sense of your business.


Figure out the social media channels they can handle


You need to find out the social media channels that your business needs and then look for a strategist that can handle those channels. While the majority of social media strategists know the basics of almost every social media platform, some of them are specialized in certain platforms. Some strategists are specialized in working with influencers on Instagram, monetization of Facebook, or handling Twitter customer service.


The goal of your business would determine if you need a strategist with specialized knowledge. You should also find out if the strategist could create a presence on entirely new platforms. Your business might not have an online presence on certain platforms such as TikTok or Pinterest due to a lack of expertise, so you need to find out if they can handle it.


Define the mandatory skills needed


You should list out the vital, must-have skills you need and make sure the strategist you choose has those skills. Some of the vital skills you should consider include customer service skills, writing skills, social media experience, organizational skills, understanding of analytics, and more. Regardless of what the SMS will be doing every day, these keys are very important, as they will determine their success.


Be a team player


Your social media strategist might not be working alone most of the time. They will require data, analytics, and other resources to work with, which they would have to get from other departments, including product development teams. Hence, you hire industry professionals that can collaborate with others and work together for the good of the company.


Sometimes, your SMS might need to work remotely, and they need to stay up to date with the rest of your team. Being a team player, the SMS would be able to get updates from the team and keep them updated as well.


What is a good SMM?


There are many social media managers out there, but only a good one would ensure that your business gets the best social media strategies possible. A good social media manager need to possess some vital social media strategy skills, some of which include:


Copywriting: This is one of the basic skills of social media marketing. You cannot run an effective digital marketing campaign without this skill. Therefore, a good social media manager needs to have this skill.

Design (Videos and Graphics): According to studies, social media posts with pictures get more engagement than those without pictures. Many users also like seeing video content.

Public Speaking: With apps and features such as Instagram Live and Facebook Live, live videos are increasingly becoming popular. Sometimes, your social media manager might have to create live videos to get more attention and create more awareness.

Analytics: Analytics here refers to both business metrics such as leads, revenue, web traffic, etc., and social media metrics such as shares, comments, posts, likes, and more. A good social media manager should be able to understand and know how to use both of them.

Budgeting: A good social media manager knows how to budget and manage funds.


What is the best social media strategy?


It is difficult for any business marketing to yield tangible results without effective social media strategies. For you to make the most out of your marketing campaign, you need to use the best social media strategies and the industry’s best practices, some of which include:


• Educating your target audience

• Choosing the right stories for promotion

• Producing different types of content

• Using social medial influencers

• Capitalizing on customer loyalty

• Using augmented and virtual reality

• Using video or live streaming




Social media managers are the key to the success of many businesses today. They play a key role and they provide great value. If you are asking yourself, How to find the best social media strategist, just ask us, we are here to help – contact us today.

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