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How do you market a medical spa?

The medical spa industry is rapidly growing. In 2017, the market value was recorded as $11.1 billion. Currently, we see a 12.2% annual growth. By 2025, the market is estimated to reach a global value of $27.6 billion. As the industry grows, it becomes a more competitive market too. With this in mind, promoting your medical spa services through the right channels becomes essential. In this post, we help you understand how you can market your medical spa using multiple techniques.


Start with a website


While your medical spa delivers a physical service at a local office, the digital world has evolved significantly. Local businesses need to ensure they have an online presence, as this has become an essential part of beating the competition.


Thus, your medical spa marketing solution should start with a website. The website should be professional and effective at representing your brand. If you are on a small budget, note that there are affordable options. Consider buying a domain name and hosting, and then learn how to set up WordPress. Be sure to add your contact details to the website, which makes it easier for people to find you.


Google business listing


Next, you want to focus on setting up a listing on Google My Business. This has become the standard for local businesses. The listing allows your business to show up when people search for a medical spa in the local area. By creating a listing on this platform, you can also utilize existing customers. You can ask your medical spa clientele to leave a review on the listing, which helps your target audience get a better idea of the services you offer.




Content should form an important part of your medical spa marketing campaign. This is why starting a blog can be a great option. A blog can be used to share useful content with your target audience. This helps to establish your brand as an expert in the industry. Your blog can also be used as part of an email marketing strategy and also gives you more content to share on social media platforms.


As a med spa, be sure to add links back to your landing pages on the blog. This type of smart strategy helps people gain useful information on the medspa website and then allows them to easily book an appointment.


Your medical spa business can also collect leads directly from the blog section, which can then be used when setting up an email marketing campaign.


Consider paid advertising


Ranking on Google and getting your business listing to show to your audience is useful, but it can take a while before you see results. While waiting for your search engine optimization strategies to pick up, consider paid advertising.


This is a common strategy used in digital marketing. Medical spas can take advantage of social media ads, as well as search engine marketing, such as with Bing Ads and Google Ads.


The targeting options available on these paid ad platforms allow you to set up a more successful inbound marketing strategy. You can specify who should see your advertisements. With social media marketing, you can drive traffic to your website, get people to call your office, and grow your social profile all at the same time.


Business Directories


Since your medspa is a local company, it is important to ensure you get listed on a few business directories. There are many business directories that you can utilize. Be sure to look for options that have listings available for your local area.


When setting up a business directory listing, take note of how you enter your spa’s address and contact details. Try to use the same format for this data on all directories you list on, as this helps with local SEO.


When listing in business directories, do not forget about offline marketing tactics. In addition to looking for online directories, see if you can find any local ones as well. Many people still rely on physical directories when looking for a specific business.


Take advantage of social media


In addition to having a website, you should also take advantage of a social media platform. Social media now plays a big role in online marketing campaigns. Facebook is definitely a good option, with 2.41 billion active users, but this should not be the only platform you target.


Creating social media accounts on multiple platforms can be helpful. Consider utilizing Instagram too – post photos of the spa treatments you provide your clients and a few shots of the office too. This gives potential clients a view of what they should expect if they visit the spa.


When setting up a social media account, be sure to take full advantage of all features offered by these online platforms. Add your business’s logo as the profile picture and get a graphic designer to create a cover photo.


Do not only add promotional posts to the account, as this will cause people to see your profile as spam. Instead, mix things up by sharing useful content with prospective clients. Once you have some content on your social media profiles, consider investing in ads on the platform. This can help you grow your audience and increase awareness of your page.


Offline marketing strategies


Promoting potential patients in the local area through offline marketing strategies can be useful too. Some potential customers may be looking for a spa through means other than the internet. Consider ordering some print ads.


Local agencies might be able to help you distribute these flyers. In-person marketing can also be arranged – this may include giving you small promotional gifts or having one of your own employees distribute a set of flyers.




Promoting a medical spa should involve both online and offline marketing channels. Take advantage of digital tools that are available. When setting up landing pages, focus on driving traffic through SEO and paid strategies. Use email marketing campaigns to deliver useful content to those who are interested in your services.

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