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How branding translates to sales

While you might think branding easily equals a surge of sales pouring into your business. Branding is methodical and used for long term growth that can take upwards of 6 months to a year. Advertising and sales funnels are a short term quick wins that lead customers into taking action thru sales funnels from social ads or paid advertising.


As your business continues to rely heavily upon marketing to gain leads and introduce customers to your brand value instead of just reaching customers why not deliver an emotional connection that helps your organization stand out in the marketplace. Don’t deliver features on top of features bring value by sharing how your potential customers will feel better using your product or service.



Sales are short-term. Branding is a long-term strategy


Even though salespeople tell us sales is long-term, sales strategies can be much shorter than you might think. Customer journeys are often times long and complicated, there are certain beginnings and endings all to bring the customer to the right point in your business funnel. Because the sales process targets specific lead types, your sales team focuses on the conversion. Although short-term, branding is a continuous process which encompasses all aspects of your company’s operation.


You can also control your customers’ opinions on what you sell. For a customer to identify a product or service’s emotions and feelings of confidence and satisfaction takes time to develop. It can easily be lost with one mistake. That’s why developing the buyer’s journey in your sales funnel and bridging your brand loyalty will improve engagement and build your brand awareness. Strong brands have clear visual elements that are beyond the digital presence. More customers are making their purchasing decisions on brand loyalty which is a direct result from your content marketing efforts.


Sales are numbers. Branding is about perception


The company needs to sell x dollars a month. This data is easily analyzed to generate sales forecasts using your own data. Branding is more of a focus on the different marketing channels your content marketing efforts lie. Typically, measurable metrics like web traffic and engagement aren’t as direct as they would equate to sales. It will help your company to know how to manage its sales performance in the most accurate fashion by using more than one metrics and having a clear brand messaging.


Sales usually follow the branding


Delivering your brand voice is part of the process of building a strong brand. While we can expect some variation in the way your staff approaches each sales call, it is important to make sure your brand voice is matched with your overall customer experience. Just look at how CEO Brian Armstrong banned politics over at Coinbase. Keeping the team together during real social and economical issues is not easy and requires strong values to keep everyone gathered around a higher mission.


Look for ways brands remain competitive in their markets by gathering feedback from your existing customers. Your customers will expect that your experience will reflect that image your company has forged and develop brand loyalty which improves engagement.


Effective Branding Strategies to Increase Sales Year-round


  • How can a business increase their sales by leveraging branding?
  • It is unconventional and is the result is good?
  • Is it a good business strategy to focus on increasing your brands awareness?


These are the type of questions that follow and introduction to building your businesses brand. Let me explain to you how to transform sales pipelines to improve revenue year after year and increase sales growth.


How a Brand Can Increase Revenue & Profitability?


Strong brand promotes interest and increases sales and marketing effectiveness = brand loyalty. Building an effective brand is an important aspect of your business success. What to understand how?


Define a strong brand by the following:

  • Define your brand strategy
  • Grow your brand identity to see what customers engage with
  • Refine your offer and messaging
  • Test and retest your marketing strategy efforts for your sales process
  • Include sales strategies in your marketing process to get a clear picture on your user journey


As you can see the more you refine your offer and messaging to give your customers a reason to stay loyal to your brand value the more consistent your existing customer experience will drive brand loyalty.


The basics of brand bias


How can we prove it using reliable data sources? How can B2B players make good business decisions? How can we calculate the perceived value of branding and its impact on our business? If you are asking yourself these types of questions, go back and re-read above. There is no defined metric that can quantify your brand activation across all your digital and non-digital marketing efforts. Which leads me to believe that if you are still doubting the method and reasons behind the efforts of building your brand, you should give us a call to help dispel the barrier for connecting how growing your brand improves your sales.


Branding motivates action


Can you me the value of digital marketing? How do people think about branding based on their customer actions? These actions will eventually result in sales. Marketing usually refers to all these action-focused activities as customer buying journeys and the journey of the buyers of B2B vs B2C products has become more complicated with new technologies and social channels as time progresses. Branding helps define the customer journey by identifying your content vs the competition.


How Brand Standards Have Changed?


A brand must conduct research and develop a clear strategy to achieve consistency across media and its marketing campaigns. As brands evolve, the same brand standards evolve. Although branding still gives customers information about processes the companies are much more integrated into the business’s why and how. Let’s take a quick glance at some examples: Branding has become a fundamental component of almost everything in your company and it must help inspire you.


The connection between brand and bottom line


Peter Drucker, a management expert at Management World, said he was able to find out how to market to a new customer by creating an existing product or service and maintaining it in a new market in order to grow the business. Despite many executives understanding marketing ROI, a company’s branding value can sometimes be less tangible for the company.


Successful branding leads to increased revenues


The link between the brand and revenue is clear. Most believe it can only happen to big consumers. They spend much longer marketing their brand, thus gaining greater returns. Nevertheless, B2B marketers realize how much benefit it is to build an attractive brand identity for themselves. From telling stories and consistently communicating the message through visual representations, your organization will realize the return from your branding. What a huge difference.


Begin establishing your Brand Value


If your brand loyalty improves engagement and your target audience becomes your future customers then you should be doubling down on building your brand equity and all your sales efforts. New customers come from current customers when your customer loyalty and corporate brand are solid and strong.


Depending on one over the other will make your marketing team not have the leverage they can utilize to to bring in new customers. Market a consistent brand and compound your digital marketing efforts with our team. Get in touch with our team to structure your marketing activities to reach better results.



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