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Developing an effective nonprofit marketing strategy

Non-profits nowadays need to have a solid online presence in order to raise awareness, serve more, get more people to join their cause, and attract more volunteers and donors. Digital marketing solutions can be customized based on the needs of the organization and their current bandwith. Depending on your organizations technical education you can achieve your organization’s biggest goals, discover who your core audience is and even create highly engaging social campaigns that attract volunteers and donors to your cause. Your story will be vital to branding your online identity. At the very core you should have all your media communications content ready to be shared as stories with your your audience.


Non-Profit Marketing can help you achieve your organization’s biggest goals, so let’s break down some of the essential reasons why you should consider researching and investing the right way the first time in marketing your non-profit organization.


Non-Profit Organizations


Building a better donation system: As potential donors find your non-profit organization, you’ll want to set up an effective donations system that makes the most out of every blog post, media relations, volunteer event, and email campaign. For example, some organizations offer donation membership and monthly programs that constantly raise money for your organization, without you needing to fundraise so often. We all know that isn’t the only solution so you need to raise your awareness efforts 10x and be on your audience’s mind in various formats online.


Building a strong brand identity = a trust-worthy brand: In order to find more donors and volunteers, your non-profit’s image needs to exude sincerity, trustworthiness, and responsibility. Apart from how you run the organization, your online platforms (website, social media accounts, etc.) have to correctly portray all the good your organization will do. 75% of people judgement comes off an organization’s credibility based on its branding, design, website and social presence, so if your image and message don’t match perfectly, people will find it sketchy. Partnering with a Digital marketing agency helps correct any inconsistencies that might be turning people away without you noticing.


The more people that know about your organization the more people that will help spread and fight for your cause. No matter if it’s about people, animals or the Earth, a good digital marketing strategy will expand your visibility so that people who care about your cause can easily find and join forces with you.


Keep your internal operations running smoothly: It doesn’t matter how many years your organization has been running you want to keep your team engaged, reactive and supportive to leverage all their efforts in developing communications with busy professionals and their own personal networks. This can’t be handled all by one person unless their sole focus is to support these services. Your committee needs to partner with an agency that understand’s the nuances of keeping internal documentation, keeping documents easy to access and limits the amount of hands that touch these documents. Have you seen a shared file with 15+ team members on a google doc? We have and it was not pretty.


It recruits more volunteers: non-profit organizations rely heavily on the help of volunteers. As you grow a compelling online presence, more people will contact you offering their help. If you have the right operations in place sure, if they know who to reach out to and don’t get swamped with unnecessary communications of course, how many times did that go smoothly? Honestly, we all get busy and sometimes you just need to hand it off to a team that can help organize and structure your backend operations better and keep the system running smoothly. Partnering with an agency that understands these delays and setbacks can make the moral of the entire team change over night. We know this can happen as it’s been done many time with our current partnered nonprofits.


Communication strategies for optimal nonprofit marketing


An optimized website where people can find all the information about your non-profit, your mission, what you do, and what you need. This website needs to be searchable, load fast and ensure a smooth user experience. It also has to meet local and state government regulations that help keep the grants coming in. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a poor brand identity for a quick cookie cutter theme that anyone can download and copy. We focus on measured results in your organizations goals. We understand how important the Donate buttons on your site are as well as the email newsletter links. Keep in mind nonprofits sole goal isn’t just fundraising as it is awareness and supporting local communities that deliver on their promises. Our efforts focus on helping target your goals and keep your supporters engaged in all your marketing efforts.


A social media account on a platform that allows you to run marketing campaigns, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The platform you end up choosing depends largely on the type of people you want to reach and where they spend most of their time on the web.


“It’s about building a relationship with your donors as mission partners, not money machines.”

That’s why as a full-service, nonprofit fundraising communications agency, Superlative Creative focuses on the long-term, lifetime value of your donors. Fundraising at its core is about relationship building, not simply generating the highest possible quarterly or annual gross revenue. It’s about understanding what it takes to keep and acquire a donor and shepherd them over their entire lifetime through the entire fundraising continuum – from an initial gift and gradual upgrading, to monthly and midlevel giving, and on to major and planned giving.


It’s about treating donors as partners, not machines. It’s a philosophy that drives everything we do for our clients. It’s why we tend to gain new clients primarily through referrals and it’s why some clients have remained with us for many years.


The most powerful fundraising often occurs when you’re not asking for a gift.


Donors too often and too easily can become little more than numbers on a spreadsheet. Donors are first and foremost people. While that seems like a highly obvious statement, fundraising professionals tend to lose sight of this reality at times.


Today, your donors and prospects are most likely using search engines, communicating via email, getting their news online, reading blogs, are active on social media, as well as reading the mail that arrives in their mailboxes at home. Are you effectively targeting your audience across these media outlets?


Establishing Relationships 


Establishing and cultivating relationships with donors means engaging with them in all of these channels and communicating doesn’t necessarily mean fundraising. It means relationship building. Not just asking for donations but connecting on a macro and micro level with meaningful positive messages that your industry bring awareness to.


Digital Target


Most of today’s digital blog posts and social channels, including email, are most effective when used to build and cultivate relationships with donors and prospects, rather than being used to simply augment direct response fundraising.


Knowing what to say and where and when to say it is rooted in understanding how donors think and act. It involves a willingness to take the long view instead of the quick gift. It means focusing on the human relationship, the desire we share for connection and to be part of something bigger than ourselves; to have the opportunity to help others in need and to know that what we did has indeed made a difference.


The Right Channels for the Right Tasks


While we provide fully integrated digital and analog direct response fundraising services, we have learned which channels are best used and when to use them in order to move a donor along the full continuum of giving with a focus on long-term value and life-long relationship building.


A brand message strategy makes it easier for everyone inside your organization to be great ambassadors and compels others to support your work. And what’s more essential than that?


The right Non-Profit Marketing partner can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence and increasing your donor relationships. Be sure to learn more about Non-Profit Partnership today! Call us at (305) 707-6993 with any questions, concerns or projects you may need advice for!

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